There are so many things in this world that are wonderful and beautiful. I believe the number one thing is a good night’s sleep.  If I'm well rested I am up for anything!

Through the last three or four years I have had a constant "sleep interrupted" life. I am usually up three to five times a night. It seems as though I hit my witching hour at 3:00 am and I'm done for, I'm up all night. The major problem is night sweats and hot flashes, I have woken up with a river on my chest and it does not feel good. 

I have tried sleeping on pillows with space in between them for air flow, no blankets, light blankets, cold face clothes, you name it. Nothing helped me until I tried Lusomé sleepwear.  My first night I went to bed with a hopeful heart and my fingers crossed... I slept all night! I thought maybe it was luck but in all honesty, these pajamas have helped me get my life back! I rarely wake up because of hot flashes or night sweats anymore. I may wake feeling a little warm on my face, but I am not burning from the inside out!

They are stylish, comfortable and an absolute life saver for me! I have been telling all of my friends and family about Lusomé!