Best Pajamas! I ordered one set of shorty pajamas after seeing them in a magazine. When they arrived, I was delighted by the look and fit and pleasantly surprised by the feel. I expected the material to feel like exercise clothing. Instead, it is incredibly soft and fine. These quickly became my favourite pajamas. Add to that, I kid you not, I realized I was sleeping better (TMI alert: less annoyed by night sweats).


I placed a big second order of T-shirts, a robe, an array of tanks and many more pajama bottoms of different lengths. I could not be happier. I would wear my Lusomé even if I did not benefit from the moisture wicking capabilities. An added bonus is that my husband and two little girls agree with me that they look great. I have raved about my pajamas to all my friends and hope to see your products in a store near me soon. Thanks for making such an awesome product!