About three years ago I started to go through peri menopause, right as I moved from New York to Florida. It was like nothing I have experienced in my life and the night sweats were the worst part by far! I would have to change my pajamas four or more times during the night and I was not getting any sleep. After a hot flash would pass, my pajamas would be soaking wet and I would get the chills. It was absolute tourture!


As someone who has been diagnosed with scoliosis and endured spinal surgery, getting up four times a night was extremely exhausting and the back pain was unbearable!  I am now going through menopause and often feel alone in my experience, as my friends are not yet having the menopause symptoms that I am. I decided to take matters into my own hands and started researching any and all menopausal solutions I could find.  

I came across an article about Lusomé and was very intrigued by the potential of this product.  I couldn't place an order fast enough and my two nightgowns were on their way! When they arrived I immediately tried them out and was able to sleep through the night for the first time in a very long time. My Lusomé nightgowns keep my dry, comfortable and extremely happy.  I am now a customer for life and I feel as though Lusomé has been the answer to coping with menopause.  I would highly recommend any women who are suffering with night sweats and hot flashes to try Lusomé sleepwear.  You will not regret that decision!  I can't thank Lusomé enough; they have helped end my suffering and get my life back.