I first tried Lusomé after I read about the product in Chatelaine magazine a couple of years ago. I was intrigued by the concept and very pleased to see it was a Canadian company in Calgary being run by women. I then went and tried on a number of things and settled on the pjs that would be for the summer. I do not have any of the medical/ health conditions that Lusomé indicates the pajamas will help with, however I thought if it will work for hot flashes, it had to help with night sweats from summer heat. I ended up going with the grey colour originally because the texture was fabulous. I can completely see how anyone suffering from skin sensitivities would find the sleepwear incredibly comfortable. I loved my original pajamas so much that I decided I wanted a second pair for the summer months; to be clear I didn't need to replace my old ones, just didn't want to keep going back to my other crappy, in comparison, pajamas when the Lusomé ones were in the wash. I ordered grey again and took a chance ordering the black colour in the Alexandra top. I have not been disappointed. The quality and soft texture are exactly as I hoped. 


My original recollection was that the black would be rougher, not the case anymore. While I am still fortunate enough to not have any of the health/medical issues that Lusomé is trying to assist, I have recommended Lusomé to friends who are in menopause or peri menopause. I have also recommended them to people like me who just want to feel comfortable and love good pjs. This year I will likely get the Donna shirt for the winter, because really, why not! The customer service provided by Lusomé is also worth commenting on. They contact you to advise of the status of the order, and it’s a personal note. What a dream to know a real person is looking after getting your purchase right. Well done Lusomé, keep up the good work!