I recently purchased my first Lusomé nightgown at the beginning of January when I saw you were having a sale, but honestly I didn't see how they could make that much of a difference. I have medical issues, which as a result cause frequent and severe night sweats. I've suffered through these for years. Waking in middle of the night sometimes several times to find not only my pajamas are soaking wet but my sheets and bedding as well. Instead of waking my husband to change out the bedding, I just grab some extra blankets and put those down, change my pajamas and go back to bed hoping I don't wake again during the night.


Since I started wearing my Lusomé nightgown to bed I'm amazed at how well they actually do work! The only time I have had any issues are with the areas of my body that aren't covered by nightgown; hence my additional purchases.


I cannot thank you enough for this miracle product! People don't understand what an awful thing night sweats can be, especially if they are something you just have to accept as part of your life because they are not going away. There's nothing worse than waking up for the umpteenth time soaked through only to find you have no more clean dry pajamas to change into. I never, in a million years even dreamed that one day someone would care enough to create a product specifically for this and it would work!


For all those who complain about the price, all I can say is that they are worth every penny! I'm so happy I stumbled across this sale and decided to get a pair to try, because honestly I don't think I would have otherwise because I really just didn't see how they could work. I couldn't have been more wrong. After about a week of wearing my new Lusomé pajamas and sleeping through every night without having to get up and change into a new dry pair I'm sold on Lusomé for life (can you make sheets next?). Lusomé is nothing short of pajama miracle for those who suffer with night sweats! 

Thank you again for making such an innovative and beneficial product that I'm sure will not only make a difference, but improve the sleep habits of many who suffer from night sweats. I am now a customer for life.